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in-home 3 month old milestone session

This is my heart and soul: I truly believe that motherhood is the most incredible and bittersweet journey. I want to capture every single detail of my children at every single milestone in their life. I love seeing them bloom into their individual little selves, but want to bubble up in tears as each stage seems to appear faster than the last. Those tiny little details change too dang quick. We all get busy and before we know it years have gone by. I want something that can take me back to that very moment and the raw emotion I felt bringing a squishy little babe home for the first time, the silliness between my husband and toddler, and the uniqueness of our entire family as we evolve. I have certain details I love about each of my babies: for Dak, it’s those adorable elbow dimples, chubby hands and his gorgeous eyelashes; for Mav, it’s his chubby thighs, crooked smile and his sparkling eyes. What is it about you and your family you don’t want to forget? Photography is the best time capsule and I want to capture all of this for you and your family too!

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